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Urban and peri-urban agriculture is currently experiencing rapid growth. This covers a variety of forms, such as vertical farming, greenhouse rooftops, local foodsheds, which together with green spaces like parks and green roofs, are referred to as green infrastructure. It potentially makes cities more resilient to climate change and more sustainable in terms of water management, food production, air quality, human well-being and biodiversity.

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URBAG will examine if and how green infrastructure can be effective in contributing to sustainability in the aforementioned sense. The innovation of the project lies in integrating the life cycle impacts of the resources required for green infrastructures with an understanding of how those green infrastructures impact the urban atmosphere interactions.

Often various types of green infrastructures are promoted equally in urban sustainability agendas, without existing studies clearly indicating the effectiveness of one or another better serving sustainability goals of the city, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving local air quality, and optimizing its use of resources.

To do so, the following research questions and objectives are defined:. This project is inspired by the pressing need to understand the effect of green infrastructures on the food-energy-water system and the urban atmosphere.

Its innovative aspect is to integrate life cycle modelling that quantifies the metabolism of materials and energy associated to green infrastructures with atmospheric modelling to understand how those green infrastructures also affect the urban atmosphere.

To do so, this project will implement a new approach in which land and resource use are used to drive both life cycle analysis and atmospheric modelling. Two case study cities and their metropolitan area will serve to develop this novel approach: Barcelona Spain and Oslo Norway. The investigation will connect processes between the natural, socio-institutional, and the built environment, and is innovative in its multidisciplinary approach linking atmosphere science, agronomy, industrial ecology, and urban planning and policy.

The investigation, connecting processes between the natural, the socio-institutional, and the built environment, is innovative in its multidisciplinary approach, and will deliver the following innovative interconnected project results :. Task 1. By means of a dynamic geo-referenced material flow analysis model, the team will be able to determine the energy requirements of collecting rainwater and transporting the recovered nutrients to the green infrastructures in urban and peri-urban areas.

We will study the variations in temperature, including the urban heat island effect, and correlate them with the land use artificial surfaces, green infrastructures, etc.

kategorien ro2 og ro3

As a second part of this task, the regional and Eulerian weather chemical modeling system WRF-Chem 80 will be applied over both cities with the urban canopy model 81 at high-resolution.

The WRF-Chem will be run with an urban canopy scheme to capture the changes in humidity and ambient temperature patterns due to increased evapotranspiration from vegetation and modifications on the albedo of urban surface.

Such high-resolution land-use allows for a more precise energy budget which considers the height of the building, the turbulence created by street canyons, irrigation of green infrastructures, and the albedo of buildings and green areas.

To constrain the photosynthetic uptake of CO 2 by green infrastructures, we will use carbonyl sulfide OCS as a tracer. Since OCS is only produced in the oceans and consumed by plants on land, the fact that the two cities are coastal is key in the analysis to determine the OCS drawdown as air masses travel from the sea onto the land.

We will take measurements of observed OCS concentrations at various key locations of the urban and peri-urban green infrastructure areas of the two. The expected outcome is to be able to quantify the CO 2 uptake of green infrastructures through OCS simulations of the case study city scenarios and demonstrate how the global OCS inventories can be applied to other cities as well. The team will attempt to answer the following questions: 1 To what extent does the performance of various green infrastructures vary throughout a meteorological year under the same climate condition?Vi plukker ut de beste dronepilotene til ditt prosjekt.

Du mottar deretter et eller flere uforpliktende tilbud. Vi tilbyr alle former for droneoppdrag. Salg av bolig, laser-skanning, fotogrammetri, videoinspeksjon, befaring av kraftlinjer, kart og presentasjon, utforske arkitekter og mye mer. Her er det fantasien som setter grenser. Dette ordner vi imidlertid i etterkant. Vi kan likevel gi fine oversiktsbilder fra trygg avstand.

Dette stiller strengere krav til sikkerhet og forarbeid. Din melding. Hele Norges droneportal. Uforpliktende og helt gratis. Hvorfor velge droneportalen? Se video. Motta mange uforpliktende tilbud. Velg tilbudet du liker.

kategorien ro2 og ro3

Du velger det tilbudet du liker best. Hva er droneportalen? Hvordan fungerer det? Du sitter i ro og mak og velger ut det tilbudet du synes er best. Ikke vent. Bestill din dronepilot i dag. Hvilke tjenester tilbyr dere? Hva koster det? Tips og regelverk. Drone design — f. Kamera typer — f. Skal du selge hus?

Enklere inspisering av kraftlinjer, dammer og bygninger. Det er bare fantasien som setter grenser. Forevige romantikken med video og bilde fra begivenheten. Hvilke type oppdrag? Video eller foto? Hvilken dronetjeneste?

Antall dronepiloter. Hvor mange timer? Ferdig redigert video. Ferdig redigerte bilder maks 20 stk. Grovt estimert pris Fra kr .Are you the developer of this app? Claim your app to get free and unrestricted access to your app and developer data. Sign up. Log in. Google Play Rating history and histogram.

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kategorien ro2 og ro3

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Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account?Alongside this, we have seen an impressive uptake of our existing solutions, with the HP Indigo 20000 and 30000 achieving double-digit sales at drupa and surpassing 100 installations across the globe. As we continue to demonstrate to brand owners and packaging converters how digital printing is adding value, creating new possibilities and transforming the packaging industry, we are confident that we will see continued growth moving into 2017 and beyond.

Our new colleagues within Flint Group are all eager to discover the digital concept, which has blown a lot more wind into the sails to expand on a global scale (US, Latin America, Asia-Pacific) and serve our customers in a better way.

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Converters around the world still scratch their head at how digital printing workflows can contribute to their business and make them future-proof. Not having the need to convince them about one thing but being able to serve them on a broader scale of products does give them a lot of trust in our advice.

And this is becoming more valuable as many suppliers start turning their ships in the direction of labels and packaging.

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This will create confusion and we think that 2017 will bring even more choices, which makes it challenging for converters to understand what would really serve their business. For years to come, we will still need different solutions for different jobs in digital label printing. We see efforts being made but I think we are very far from a one-size-fits-all. But even if label printers are taking on digital label printing, so are the print shops, commercial printers, converters, contract packers, manufacturers and brand owners themselves.

The commercial printers have at least 20 years of experience in digital printing, and they know exactly what it takes to integrate new processes. They already serve the brand owners with printed materials, so why not labels too. Converters, contract packers and manufactures are all handling various complex processes on a daily basis, and, of course, they can press the print button of a digital label press.

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What they might not know is how to prepare the digital files and how to ensure color matching, and maybe there lies an opportunity. What if the label printer provided their customers with distributed printing facilities. What if each customer had its own digital label printer for small runs provided by their label supplier. The label supplier takes care of material supply, installation, maintenance, training, file preparation and color management, as well as enables the customer to print small individual batches whenever this is required.

This might be a way for them to cling on to the customer and the huge productions that they will still need from time to time. We see an increasing demand from brand owners and manufactures to have in-house label printing equipment to serve their need for small batches, variable data and just-in-time production. And I believe that the only way the label printers can stay in the game is to figure out how they can contribute to that trend.

The complexity in the supply chain needs to be managed efficiently.

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Peanuts or Mondelez or Budweiser featuring HP SmartStream Mosaic software. With more regulations driving for up-to-date, accurate product labels (such as ingredient lists) and the operational advantages of high-capacity digital production we expect this trend to increase in 2017.

Going into 2017, we are seeing more and more embellishments, and even the first demonstrations of embellishments done digitally. At drupa 2016, we demonstrated the first step towards an HP Indigo Digital Combination Press, which is designed to, through a single file and point of control, print both the label and the embellishments in an end-to-end digital line.

It must be said that not all the trends we anticipated in the past few years reached their tipping point. One example is security features. We believe there is a very real need for these in the market, but we still have not seen widespread adoption of features that make full use of digital printing capabilities for security purposes, tracking and brand protection purposes. This is one area for which we see huge potential in 2017 and beyond.And not just once, but every year.

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